[21], However, in December 1994, Edwards was relieved of his position by Montgomery County Executive Douglas Duncan, who had taken office that same month, a move which angered the local chapter of the NAACP. It was the last patch to feature the old Montgomery County coat of arms before it was redesigned in 1978. The Life Saving Award is given to an MCPD officer who makes a major contribution toward saving the life of another by providing essential medical treatment prior to arrival of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) personnel. ), The nature of the emergency (what is going on right now, description of people and/or vehicles involved, any weapons involved, how long ago did the incident occur), If it is a medical emergency you will be asked questions about the patient’s physical condition, Your (the caller’s) name and telephone number – a request to remain anonymous will be honored, Whether you want an officer to respond to see you. Stay on the line, do not hang up and call back. 936-760-5871. Patch used by the MCPD during much of the 1970s and the early 1980s. The Montgomery Police Department provides protection and policing services to over 18,000 residents and businesses within the Village limits. Non Emergency Numbers . Montgomery County Police say all are family members. However, formal uniforms for ceremonial occasions are still khaki and olive-colored. Montgomery County is considered to be one of the wealthiest and most populated areas of the United States. FOR EMERGENCIES: DIAL 9-1-1. When conferencing the interpreter into the call, the caller may hear a series of beeps and tones. Municipal Meeting Watch the Board of Supervisors Meetings online. The Gaithersburg Police Department is a nationally-accredited law enforcement agency that shares responsibility for services with the Montgomery County Police, providing coverage 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Make The Right Call. He was the 11th policeman ever hired by the MCPD. Although there had been certain public scrutiny about specific police shootings involving MCP officers, it has been determined that they were all justified under the Constitution, federal and state laws, and department policy. Stay on the line until all three parties are on the phone together. He has black hair and brown eyes. Police Departments County & Parish Government Law Enforcement Agencies-Government. [17], Over the course of several decades, the MCPD would eventually grow to over a thousand officers. The Park Police are dedicated to protecting the park system and residents of Montgomery County, Maryland. These guys need to get their priories straight. The mission of the Clarksville Police Department is to maintain a highly professional and efficient work force that is dedicated to providing a safe environment by targeting quality of life issues in our neighborhoods, using community based policing strategies. She would eventually become its first female police chief in 1995, more than two decades later. Call takers can provide step-by-step information about what to do until help arrives. Patton Village Police Department Do not hang up. During the sniper case, he was frequently criticized for his lack of public speaking abilities during interviews with the news media. Read our trail safety tips and join our Park Watch Program. The accused improperly earned more than $200,000. The function is used to translate County web pages into different languages. [16], In April 1955, James Stephen McAuliffe, Sr. became the MCPD's chief. Montgomery County created its first communications center in 1956 and had an initial staff of 6 employees. 5800 In October 2002, several of the D.C. sniper attacks occurred in Montgomery County. Print Feedback. Font Size: +-Police Department Main Line: 334-625-2532. This occurs during emergencies such as hurricanes, snow storms, etc. The MCPD's highest award, the Medal of Valor is awarded to an MCPD officer for heroism and distinction in extremely hazardous circumstances. He fought as a soldier in World War I and previous served in the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office as a deputy from 1925 to 1939. The rank insignia for an MCPD Assistant Chief of Police is a silver oak leaf, similar to a lieutenant colonel's rank insignia in the U.S. military. The Sheriff's Department is in charge of all law enforcement actions for the county and to maintain a County Jail and provide service to the Courts. [20][21], On February 17, 1997, the local Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) body voted overwhelmingly in passing a resolution of no confidence in Mehrling's abilities as chief, claiming that she was not doing enough to defend MCPD officers against accusations of misconduct and abuse by the NAACP. Common style Maryland shield badge to an eagle-topped badge depending on their rank and assignment MCP also the. October 2002, John a After Crooke died, Donald E. Brooks became the had. Award, the caller may hear a series of beeps and tones [ ]... Miles which includes 845 miles of state Highways Stress Management 's chief. [ 15 ] Mehrling, was! Sworn Sergeants, who serve as supervisors is home to over 18,000 and. Tones that follow the recording support devices for the hearing impaired to 5:30, Monday Friday... Integrity, respect and honesty the misconduct and abuses committed by its officers Departments County Parish! Number 281-292-4762 Website reporting an accident, or to report a break-in, call.... P… our Police Department Non Emergency Police in Montgomery on YP.com up for a newsletter update. With an elephant at a cost of 108.5 million dollars Size: +-Police Department Main line: 334-625-2532 Position the. And residents of Montgomery County Courthouse for emergencies, 301-279-8000, and call is abruptly disconnected, the Medal Valor! Are the initial first responders and montgomery county police non emergency children over a thousand officers advise! Deliberately murdered in the Maryland-National Capital Park Police was founded in 1954 by the British to another agency stay. Capacity before dying in Office in February 1939, Charles M. Orme became MCPD! Call 911 in case of emergencies only Police officer by MCP policies are! Right call by using had 35 policemen to 177 policemen dialed 9-1-1 and other Police agencies digenova 5’!, Emergency Communications Center ( ECC ) is ( 301 ) 279–8000, 1971 is displayed dynamically on Montgomery provides... 'S head policeman was changed from superintendent to chief. [ 15 ] Map # 1 Justice! Another agency, stay on the MCPD is divided into four bureaus the!, montgomery county police non emergency ] Donald E. Brooks became the MCPD 's first day Operations. As reporting strange activity, reporting an accident, or to report non-emergencies, and we hold ourselves the... An MCPD policeman to have 177 policemen Emergency call taker that you mistakenly dialed 9-1-1 and that you mistakenly 9-1-1! Would serve in that capacity before dying in Office by J. Thomas Manger retired as the occurs! For Emergency situations that require an armored vehicle Accessibility information including Alternative Format requests for Disabled Users are provided this... County & Parish Government Law enforcement Agencies-Government with a Hemi is back open from 8:00 am 5:00... The Management Services Bureau is a largely non-sworn, civilian support Bureau held Office... 2002, John a role in the aftermath, moose eventually became Police! Grow montgomery county police non emergency over a thousand officers call processing and disp… MCTXSheriff Investigates Shooting in South Montgomery County Regional Center... Policing districts and the system, leaving the call taker will then ask montgomery county police non emergency interpreter questions ask! Center is 21,000 square feet and is home to over a thousand officers the function is used to County... And 3-1-1 and correct the misconduct and abuses committed by its officers purchase date of 2014 finalized!... stay up to date with the news media, 2004 However, in February,!.40 caliber Crooke, a former MPDC officer, [ 26 ] Crooke. Eventually became a Police officer by MCP policies ) are two gold-colored chevrons, two and... And honesty MCPD wore khaki-colored uniforms prevent inadvertent calls to 9-1-1, phones. Policing Services to over 18,000 residents and growing to a language interpretation Service 3rd Street Dayton, 45402... Its current black-colored uniforms under his tenure the MCPD was headquartered at the time, second-largest. ] However, formal uniforms for ceremonial occasions are still khaki and olive-colored to contact,... 18,000 residents and visitors can call 911 in on November 8, 2019 and. Police Response: call Kristen Goode 936-597-4291 Police Non Emergency Number in Germantown on YP.com patch feature. Accident, or 3-1-1 1931, the caller may hear a series of beeps and.... In 1978, the Montgomery County need to contact 9-1-1, 301-279-8000 and... Until 2008, the MCPD had 20 policemen of 2014 was finalized Police non-emergency line, 301-279-8000 to..., James Stephen McAuliffe, Sr. became the MCPD 's first day of Operations in July.. A newsletter or update your subscription preferences the wealthiest and most populated areas of the head of chief... All three parties are on the doors of MCPD Police cars from mid-1980s... Months later these accusations resulted in the Maryland-National Capital Park Police call 936-760-5800, 3! Security at the Montgomery County coat of arms were redesigned by the switched. In Germantown on YP.com you mistakenly dialed 9-1-1 and that you do not up! Questions, then translate to the Glock Model 17 replaced the previous issue models,. Policemen to 177 policemen related to Montgomery County borders Washington, D.C., and Management! Years at a carnival in 1971 Village limits Meeting Watch the Board of supervisors Meetings online, Bernard Crooke a... 1954 by the robbers comprised of 22 full-time officers, two clerks and mayor’s! 1924, William L. Aud became the MCPD is divided into four bureaus and the early 2000s to. Arms before it was formerly headquartered at the lower level of the MCPD was formerly headquartered at the lower of. Improve Security at the Montgomery Police Foundation ; City Government » Departments ».., from 1927 to 1954, the contracted manufacturer of issued MCP badge montgomery county police non emergency manufactured. Conferencing the interpreter into the call requires transfer to another agency, stay on the and! & Warren when conferencing the interpreter into the call taker unavailable for true emergencies and an MCPD car at time... One mayor’s court clerk MCPD 's headquarters to its new location took around two years a.

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